Computer Graphics

About my Computer Graphics work

I fell in love with computer graphics when I was just in high school. I remember lying down on the brickwork in front of a fire one winter’s evening with a copy of Newman & Sproull’s classic “Interactive Computer Graphics,” a pad, a pen, and a calculator. I was trying to understand how rotation matrices worked. Years later, I know understand that subject pretty well, but I’m even more aware of how much more there is to learn!

  • Graphics Research

    I've had the rare fortune to invent new computer graphics for a living. At labs like Xerox PARC and Microsoft Research I've worked to come up with ideas that would be challenging to solve and useful for others. Here are some of my favorites.

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  • CG&A Columns

    For almost a decade I wrote a regular column called "Andrew Glassner's Notebook" for the journal IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications. Here are those columns in their original PDF formats.

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  • Graphics Writing

    I've written a lot of stuff related to computer graphics! Here are descriptions and links for my books and technical notes. There's even a link to a free online version of my big rendering theory textbook!

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  • 2D Animation and Interaction

    I've created an online video course for artists and designers who want to create their own interactive computer graphics.

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