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I call these drawings “inksplats”. They’re inspired by Stefan G. Bucher’s wonderful blog The Daily Monster. I start by putting black acrylic ink on an old toothbrush, and then randomly smudge the toothbrush around on a sheet of paper. Then I take a can of compressed air with a long, thin tube on the nozzle, and I spray the puddled-up ink, causing it to stream away in long, thin tendrils. This whole process is done without consciously thinking of any drawings; I’m just pushing ink around.

When it’s dry, I return to the inksplat and see if it triggers any ideas. I’ll squint. I’ll rotate the page. If I get a glimmer of an idea that excites me, I pick up my pigment marker and start to draw, making it up as I go. If I don’t get one of these glimmers, eventually I’ll just draw an eye or a mouth somewhere and see where that takes me.

The only rules are that nothing can be planned, and nothing can be erased. Otherwise, there are no rules!