Consulting and speaking

I offer consulting and teaching services through my companies Coyote Wind and The Imaginary Institute. I enjoy working with other people and discovering creative solutions to interesting problems. Here’s how to reach me.

Here are some of the services I provide as a consultant.

Expert Witness

I’m a expert in computer graphics and related fields, and provide analysis and opinion in legal issues that involve those subjects. For more details and prior work, please click here.

Computer Graphics: Theory and Practice

I have a wide background in computer graphics, ranging from the technical side of research and development (e.g., rendering, modeling, and animation) to the artistic side of storytelling and entertainment (e.g., scriptwriting, timing, and directing). I can help with narrowly-focused projects that require specific types of design and programming to ambitious projects that are still in the architectural stage. Whether it’s producing hardware or software, animation or GPU programming, science or entertainment, I love interesting and fun work with creative and passionate colleagues.

Computer Graphics: Communication

I am able to explain complicated algorithmic and mathematical ideas in ways that people can understand. In my many books, I’ve used words and pictures to reach audiences ranging from artists to research scientists. I’ve written and produced dozens of hours of video that combine spoken descriptions and live demonstrations to make complex ideas easy to grasp. I’ve written many interactive programs and demonstration projects that let people interactively play with the essence of an idea, building up an intuition that can pave the way for a more formal understanding.

Interactive Fiction

Today’s games seem to hold out the promise for combining traditional narrative with interactive gameplay, involving audiences ranging from a single person to thousands. This exciting topic is probably being most actively pursued by the video game community. I bring concrete principles of traditional narrative and gaming to my work with game and entertainment companies. Combining these ideas with their goals and in-house talent, I help companies develop ways to leverage interactive fiction to create experiences that resonate with audiences as both games and stories.

Story & Character Design

Creating great stories and characters is hard work, but there are two saving graces: it’s a lot of fun, and there are solid principles that one can rely on to guide the creative process.

I help companies conceive of new stories and characters, develop them, and refine them until they’re solid and rich. Depending on the nature of the organization and the work to be done, I work with individuals or with teams, either in a structured process or by leading or participating in brainstorming sessions. The results are practical, specific story and character designs that can form the bedrock for great storytelling and gaming.


I help in the structuring and writing of short and long-form screenplays for games, films, and other entertainments. I can work with existing creative teams, or develop new ideas from scratch and carry them through to a final script.

Technology Demos

Great technology deserves a great demo. A great demo doesn’t just show off what a piece of technology can do: it shows the technology doing something so wonderful that it’s irresistible. I help clients create great software and hardware demos by combining technology expertise with experience in writing and directing pieces with high production values.

Custom Services

I’m always happy to talk about custom services for clients who have special or particular needs. Please contact me to discuss your situation.

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