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Andrew Glassner, Ph.D.

Computer Graphics Legal Consultant / Expert Witness

Contact information and Current CV

Andrew Glassner, Ph.D., has served as an expert witness in computer graphics and related fields, in cases involving patents, confidential agreements, and the value of computer graphics models for drawing conclusions about real environments. Dr. Glassner has worked in computer graphics since 1978, carrying out research in computer graphics at world-renowned institutions like AT&T Shannon Labs, the IBM Watson Research Laboratory, Xerox PARC, and Microsoft Research. He has served in two of the most prestigious technical positions in the field: Chair of the SIGGRAPH Technical Papers Committee, and Editor-In-Chief of ACM Transactions on Graphics. In a feature article, The New York Times said “Andrew Glassner [is one] of the most respected talents in the world of computer graphics research.” (12/11/95) His many books on computer graphics are widely read and respected, and his “Principles of Digital Image Synthesis” is often used as a textbook in university courses on rendering theory and practice.

Dr. Glassner is well known as a popular and engaging speaker who knows how to share his enthusiasm and knowledge of mathematics, computer science, writing, and art. He knows how to take complex technical information, isolate just the relevant issues, and communicate those ideas clearly to non-experts. He is regularly invited to give professional presentations, conference seminars, and university level guest lectures on computer graphics and interactive fiction around the world, in countries such as China, France, New Zealand, Russia, and Venezuela.

Dr. Glassner’s areas of expertise include:

  • 2D Computer Graphics
  • 3D Computer Graphics
  • Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Texturing
  • GPU use
  • Shader authoring
  • Patent infringement
  • Agreement disputes
  • Software development

Dr. Glassner’s legal expert witness experience includes:

  • 2015-16: Diamond Grading Technologies LLC v. Gemological Institute of America, Inc.
    •    Firm: Paul Hastings, LLP
    •    Representing: Defendant
    •    Subject: Analysis of multiple patents
    •    Work: Patent analysis and declaration for Patent Office inter partes review
  • 2014-15: Zii Labs v. Apple
    •    Firm: Kirkland & Ellis
    •    Representing: Defendant
    •    Subject: Confidential
    •    Work: Confidential
  • 2013-14: DSS v. Coupons, Inc.
    •    Firm: Farella Braun + Martel LLP (San Francisco, CA)
    •    Representing: Defendant
    •    Subject: Confidential agreement dispute
    •    Work: Performed analysis and comparisons of documents and images, wrote an expert report and rebuttal report, and gave deposition
  • 2012-13: S3 v. Apple
    •    Firm: O’Melveney & Myers (San Francisco, CA)
    •    Representing: Defendant
    •    Subject: Patent infringement involving hardware and software related to image generation
    •    Work: Analyzed several patents and compared them to defendent’s system
  • 2008-9: Confidential Arbitration
    •    Firm: Kirkland & Ellis (Los Angeles, CA)
    •    Representing: Defendant
    •    Subject: Confidential agreement dispute
    •    Work: Analyzed patents and source code, compared them, wrote an expert report and rebuttal report, gave deposition, produced exhibits, and gave testimony
  • 2007-8: Larry Bowoto v. Chevrontexaco Corporation
    •    Firm: Hadsell & Stormer (San Francisco, CA)
    •    Representing: Plaintiff
    •    Subject: Analysis of a 3D model to determine its fidelity to an actual environment
    •    Work: Analyzed the model with respect to photographs and other documentation to determine its accuracy, wrote an expert report, and gave deposition
  • 2001-2: Macromedia v. Adobe
    •    Firm: Fenwick & West (San Francisco, CA)
    •    Representing: Plaintiff
    •    Subject: Patent dispute regarding image and video processing
    •    Work: Analyzed patents, analyzed source code, and compared the two, wrote an expert report, and gave deposition

A PDF of Dr. Glassner’s CV, and contact information, are both available here.