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Originally published in IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications
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For about nine years starting in 1996, I wrote a regular column called “Andrew Glassner’s Notebook” for the journal IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. The column’s purpose was to explore fun and interesting topics that were somehow related to computer graphics. They were a mix of original research, popularization of existing work, and just fun projects. Thanks to the friendly folks at the IEEE, you can click on any preview below to read that column in its originally published form as a PDF file (note that some of the earlier PDFs are scans of the published pages).

After these columns were printed, I later returned to them. I revised and updated the content, restored material that had to be cut due to space limitations, fixed all the errors I knew of, and generally made them all better. We then published those new columns in three books: Andrew Glassner’s Notebook, Andrew Glassner’s Other Notebook, and Morphs, Mallards, and Montages. You can read more about these books, and even order them, at my non-fiction books page.